I've always been enamoured with the 1950s style of American animation. When Disney artists started using the influences of cubism in their art, there was an explosion of styles which has influenced animation to the present day. Once Disney artists themselves, Hanna and Barbera left to set up their own studio producing the likes of The Jetsons and The Flinstones. UPA (United Productions of America) pioneered the technique of limited animation as a stylistic and affordable alternative to cinematic realism in animated films with their pioneering, Mr Magoo.
When Steve White-Thomson Publishing studio approached me to come up with an idea to design a picture book based on a young girl going to space academy with her dog and an alien frog, I  jumped at the chance. To me, there was only one style that would fit this kind of story.
 Here is my homage to the wonderful stylised cartoons of the past. 
Ada finds a poster showing the Summer Rocket race. Notice the 1950s style
of futuristic architecture. 
A little educational information scattered throughout the story.
The main characters.
I really loved drawing this guy.
Initial character sketches. And possible cover sketch, centre.
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