Christmas cards from December 2011 to 2019. From a traditional design to just pure cartoon silliness.
The 2019 Christmas card features characters from my comic strip, 'Drizzleditch'.
Here is the 2018 card. Cool Santa!
This card was an adaptation of the artwork commissioned by Plymouth University for a prospectus cover. How many Plymouthian landmarks can you see?
My homage to the illustrative geometric designs of American artist Charley Harper.
Berkeley Frog making his friend the Newts dream come true. A star on the tree. The star leads the eye to the centre of the image where you will find a more traditional Christmas card scene of a Robin Redbreast sitting on a fence post.
One of those silly ideas that come to me at 2 o'clock in the morning. Hoe, hoe indeed.
A very traditional design reminiscent of Dickensian patterned book covers.
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