I was approached by Crealy to revamp and upgrade their resort map, including new rides, clearer paths for navigation throughout the park. All to the existing style.
Below is the original map and notes on the changes. It took quite a while to navigate around the post-it covered Google map scan. After a few chats and emails I began to get an idea of what was needed.
The first task was to create the pathways around the resort using Google Maps and feedback from the team to get as correct as possible for visitors to use. Changing pathways/green grass areas and allowing more room between rides as they were currently squashed. A few old rides were deleted and some new buildings added. This included a hexagon hotdog stand design and Meercat building. I found the new Meerkat building details on the Crealy Youtube channel. Three new rides were also added which included, Dizzy Ride, Crazy Bus, Samba Balloons and Sweep's Flying Circus. All to the existing style. 
Below, the hotdog stand was changed to represent what the actual buildings looked like in the park so as not to confuse visitors when identifying them from the map.
Here is the original design for the Samba Balloons and final 3D artwork I produced with four added rides.
The design for the Crazy Bus and final 3D artwork.
Sweep's Flying Circus also had another four rides added to the four seen in the original design.
The original map and my version.
The final printed map. All involved were 'over the moon' with the finished design.
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