These are samples spreads for a potential new book about facts.
I was commissioned to produce these spreads to be totally different in look and feel.
This was a completely open brief. Just the facts. The client gave me a completely free hand at producing this work. Very invigorating!
To say the client was over the moon with the final pages is an understatement. They told me that this is a fine example of work, very much a portfolio piece.
The client took sample pages of the spreads to the Frankfurt Book Fair. They were received very favourably. A quote from the client was - 'Out of all the titles we took to Frankfurt, these were the best received pages'. This has led to the comission of two books. The first based on the style of two of the spreads (Eiffel Tower, Human Brain) and the second a smaller more straight forward fact book.
The next stage has been to amend three spreads for the London Book Fair and to add another called ' If the World were 100 People'.
After this I will start work on the full title. Very excited about project managing, designing and illustrating all pages.
The new spread for the dummy to be presented at the London Book Fair. Had great fun creating the iconic people for the various categories.
There were a lot of facts for this page. The client was pleased with the readability of the content. Looking at it now it is VERY orange! The client was really pleased with the work put into the spread. "Magic' was the word they used.
The Number 8 spread, in contrast to the previous spread, had far fewer facts for the page. I carried on the 'book page' frame around the outside of the page but kept the background white. A total contrast to the previous spread. The artwork is more technical and photographic to the previous spread. I couldn't help putting a couple of humorous cartoons in there though. When the client received this spread it immediately became their favourite.
The previous spreads were quite free in page structure, so, for this spread I chose a more structured boxey approach to the content. This looks more like a spread from a Science book. This became the client favourite.
The Human Brain had seven A4 pages of facts to choose from. I chose a much darker page and a very basic colour combination. I chose to focus the right page on one artwork which describes the left and right sides of the brain. I chose to be more visual with the content rather than having long lists under the title 'Left' and 'Right'. This became the outright favourite of the client, and mine.
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