A very exciting project to produce 5 primary level cover artworks for a Geography Series of books for the Key Stage 1-2 market. The work was made seemless by the wonderful team I worked with at Harper Collins, Glasgow division.
The iPad sketch I made while discussing the brief with a head designer and publisher. The idea was to create a map or globe which incorporates the content and subject of each title.
The first artwork was for Primary Years 1-2. The brief was for this cover to reflect the early years age group. I created a globe indicating the diversity of landscapes on our planet.
The 2nd cover was for Year 3 children (as were all following titles). The brief was to keep the identity of the first cover but have a more structured, detailed image which reflected older children able to digest more detailed information. Recogniseable landmarks were added.
The third cover. Showing the Caribbean, Germany, Northern Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates (The Burj Al Arab Hotel). Water being the main subject. Rivers and streams flowing down to the sea.
The fourth cover. This title covered: pollution, land eroding, the seasons, cities, transport links, seas and oceans, Countries covered were Wales, Greece and Brazil.
And [phew] finally the fifth cover. Exhausting to do but probably the most satisfying artwork I've been commissioned to do.
Each cover reflected the content and places of the world discussed with each title.
... and the final artworks in cover.
Nice to see my artwork used on the Collins Geography and Atlas website.
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