HB Pencil is the face of my website and my business identity. I gave myself the brief to think of a character that would give visitors to my website an insight into my own character and practices and also showing a vitality I have for design and illustration. I also felt this was a way of pulling my website together, with a cohesive experience throughout.
I felt it was time to start clearing out my studio the other day, because of the piles of proofs, printed emails and pages of rough sketches precareously towering over me while I worked, reaching a critical height, when I came across these first sketches of the HB pencil character I was later to create for my web page. I was in a Hanna Barbera mood. All Flinstone era futuristic flying cars in a 1950s style type of thing. No matter how outlandish I drew the 'modern car', though, I couldn't leave out the old style chrome headlights. Glad I added wheels for the final artwork. But where are the lights? Wish I'd kept in his raising his hat, perhaps acknowledging a neighbour, as well (see below). I usually let my subconcious take over in these doodle sessions. I sometimes look back at filled pages and try work out what the hell I've drawn. Great fun.
Two more HB Pencil images used on the website. The left, a copy of 'Vitruvian Man' by Leonardo Davinci. The right of an ealy photographer holding a flash.
My business card. Inspired by Coney Island Fairground barkers (I'm a Tom Waits fan) and silent comedy artists.
My compliment slip. I was inspired by a package I received which had a stamp on the envelope showing the person who had packed the envelope at the factory.
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