These are some of the sketches and final inked artwork for The lIttle Book of Dens for Bloomsbury Publishers. The brief was to show various types of den (20 in total) with pre-school children (2-5 year olds). After submitting the pencil roughs there were no corrections from the editor or author. This was also the case for the final inked artwork. Very happy client.
Title page artwork showing generic 'den'. I love the little girl's baggy jeans.
Even though this was to be a two-tone book, I produced the Title page artwork in full colour to see what it would look like.
'Space Station'. This composition didn't change much from the original sketch. Just a little bit more peripheral detail added. This job made me realise how much I love drawing creases in cloth.
'Green House'. This drawing had a lot more detail added at the next stage to make it feel like it was set outside in a garden.
'Author's Office'. Very well briefed down to the minutest detail. The author particularly liked the boy bashing at the keys with his tongue sticking out in concentration.
'Beach Hut'. This is another composition that was very well briefed. I am telling you that, as well as bicycles, deck chairs are the hardest things to draw! 
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