A series of greetings cards originally conceived because of a request by the Commercial Officer, Suzanne, at The Box Museum in Plymouth, to meet and discuss possible ideas for further products to sell in The Box gift store in reaction to the popularity of my Planet Plymouth jigsaw series, which had been on sale there since November 2022. I looked at what was popular at the museum for visitors to see and realised the biggest asset was the life-size model of a Mammoth. The Box ran a competition for the public to name the Mammoth and 'Mildred' was chosen.
I started drawing the Mildred and began to imagine Mildred after the museum shut it's doors at the end of the day. What would she get up too? I also thought it fun if she interacted with small children.
We had a great chat and I showed Suzanne my drawings of Mildred and she immediately saw the potential in the character. I had so many ideas on leaving, and produced six finished ideas.
I sent Suzanne a PDF of the illustrations with captions and Suzanne set ups another meeting with the Commercial Manager. At this meeting they agreed that they would love to sell this series as postcards and A5 size greetings cards. They went on sale from Monday 3rd July. I have also produced an idea for a Birthday Card which will be on sale shortly. We are also in talks of producing a picture book about The Box and museums in general featuring Mildred at The Box. Exciting times.
Why not drop in to The Box and collect them all! 😊
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