Book 2 - Snail Trap
This second book introduces the character 'Snail'.
Snail is Mushi's best friend. He helps Mushi keep the forest clean and safe.
This story finds Snail trapped inside a large plastic bottle. Mushi tries to save him with his super spores, which usually helps break down branches, woodland matter and poo, but cannot break down the plastic. Even woodlouse can't eat the horrible  container. In the end it is 'Poison Ivy' that inadvertaantly saves snail by getting Woodsie the wood pigeon to fall on to the bottle shouting Snail into the air.
Below are the Front cover, Title page and Back cover designs.
It was later agreed that Steve Warren-Brown would be given the sole title as writer/author even though I reworked the stories to their finished state. I was happy to have my name only once on the covers. Seemed a little over the top to be credited twice. 
It was Steve who is the creator of My Wacky Forest with his ideas, initial story manuscripts and knowledge of micro forests. I am happy to be credited elsewhere for my part in building the world of My Wacky Forest. 
Some of the internal pages with the very large plastic bottle. The wackiness of the forest meant I didn't need to keep to scale with the creatures, trees and plastic bottle. I added an activity page, showing readers how to recycle a plastic bottle.
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