Planet Life Store

Planet St Ives is the third in the Planet Series.
The more complicated of the three, there are two versions, the second showing various sea craft in the style of famous artists who resided in the small town.
Two publicity postcards produced for social media before launch of the Planet Life Store.
To commemorate the 2021 G7 Summit I produced a limited edition of the St Ives artwork featuring the leaders of the G7 nations enjoying a visit to Godrevy Lighthouse. Apart from the world leaders and their respective flags, I added the Carbis Bay Hotel, where the Summit meetings would be taking place and a large G7 sign being painted on by staff in yellow boiler suits. 
... and a final version which is educational. I have reproduced famous St Ives Artists styles for boats, and in Bernard Leach's example, a design of leaping fish from a Leach vase. I hope to sell this is the Tate St Ives shop. I have also annotated the Leach Pottery Museum, Barbara Hepworth Museum and Gardens and Tate St Ives. This is not for sale due to copyright restrictions. Permissions will be, hopefully, sought.
Social media publicity postcards in various sizes for instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
A glimpse at the process I go through to make a Planet artwork place work. It not only has to have recognisable landmarks, it also has to show the personality of the area without being restricted by too much geographical accuracy.
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