In 2016 I was commissioned, by the Plymouth University Design Department,  to create an illustration that encapsulates everything that Plymouth University and the city of Plymouth has to offer new students to the area. Working with a great team of designers we worked to create something quite spectacular and eye catching. It went down a storm at the presentation but another design was chosen.
Two years later and the University approached me to license the artwork and for it to be used on the cover of the 2018-2019 prospectus and for other media.
With a few tweaks and the addition of a couple of new buildings, the artwork was complete. Below is the first commission. At the end is the final 2019 artwork.
I included Mount Edgecumbe to the left to Charles Church to the right, Drakes Island and Aquarium below to the sprawling moors above.
The full front and back of the cover. The small worlds on the back cover are to show the university's links to other countries including Dubai, America and India.
Another example of how the illustration would be used for other media.
Ideas of how parts of the illustration would be used for large hanging banners.
Below is the final artwork used in the prospectus.
The Theatre Royal building was added as the University are working with the theatre with their drama courses. An ambulance was also added near Derriford Hospital as well as a cyclist on Dartmoor, plus a few other tweaks.
A sepia coloured version of the artwork.
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