I was commissioned to produce a cover for this exciting children's novel. 
The story follows two children who are given a grandfather clock from their grandfather. They find that this simple piece of antique furniture can magically transport them to a Cornish cave, and it is here where they meet a sea dragon called Rufus.
These are the three stages where I worked up the idea, from pencil rough to inked line to full colour painting in photoshop.
The final printed book cover.
Below are ideas for a second book based on the original characters.
In this sketch. The dragon is curious of the children's world and makes his way through the clock into a bedroom where it has settled down to read some story books belonging to the little girl, to her dismay. The cramped space makes the dragon seem even bigger to the girl than when she first met it in the cave. (In the top left of the sketch I have drawn a rough thumbnail to help balance the composition.)
The dragon agrees to find the girls beautiful locket, a cherished item left to her by her Grandmother, which she had accidentally dropped overboard when on a boat trip. The dragon fears for her life out at sea and agrees to help her.
(Below right shows a detail of how the dragon would look with it's eyes closed immediately after the dive into the cold water.)
While the dragon is searching for the locket, a storm front moves in quickly and takes the girl by surprise. The dragon finds the locket just in time and pulls the girl's back to land and to safety.
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