Brief: To produce a character design of the author of a new exciting science series. The author/scientist appears with his trusty side-kick 'Rusty the Robot'.
I gave two designs for the robot character. The sheet above shows a design that is quite flexible and humanoid with flexible joints. I also introduced an idea where the top of his head is not joined to the rest of the body. This gives a lot of scope for interaction with page layout. it also could lead to plenty of comedy routines. The image at the bottom of the page shows a more detailed ink drawing of the character with the author.
The second sheet shows the other robot design. This is a traditional robot in every sense of the word. he has stiff joints, he's less humanoid. He's on wheels, he has multiple parts that appear from within his bulky frame and also has attachments to replace his clamp like hands. And his body is less flexible than the first robot design. Although I do add a little flexibility to his legs to indicate or exaggerate movement. There is a lot of scope for various sized gadgets and relevant tools appearing from inside his body which he can off to his master. I particularly like the sketch of him tripping over a rock and falling flat on his face. In fact to add more action his head has completely disappeared within his body. What can I say? I love slap-stick. The image at the bottom of the page shows a more detailed ink drawing of the character with the author as with the first design.
The finished ink drawing of the author also appears in the previous two sheets to give an idea of the interaction between the two characters. Although this isn't a charicature there is a slight resemblance to the author. I've yet to hear whether the resemblance is enough or not. The author/scientist is going to talk directly to the reader so there needs to be a bond between them. I have been given a link to his website to see what he looks like. Also there is already a cartoon of him on this site and I was instructed to make my character illustration look totally different to this.
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